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Folgende Tigerpetition braucht noch dringend viele Unterschriften!!!
I have read the Save The TigersPetition to India's Prime minister,President, and I hereby sign the petition:


Stop Illegal Logging in Russia to Protect Endangered Tigers - ForceChange

Save the Margay from the Illegal Pet Trade

Save the Iberian Lynx ! PLEASE SIGN ! !


New York- Stop Hunting and Trapping Bobcats

Take action for Tigers: 

Stop Removing Cheetahs from Africa:

Preserve Brazil's Jaguar Population ! PLEASE SIGN ! !



Ältere Petitionen nachgeholt:

(erscheinen in Kürze)


The Horrific Cruelty of China's Tiger Farms Revealed - Where Animals Are Turned Into Wine
Petitionslink ganz unten auf der site: 

Justice for Bengal Tiger Killed in Mexican Circus 

TAKE ACTION NOW! Urge China to Enforce Ban on Tiger Products

12 min Video über Tigerfellhandel in China 

Stop Lion Farming in the Middle East ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

Hunting Bobcats for Fur and Profit -PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!! 

California State Lawmakers: Ban trapping of bobcats in Morongo Basin near Joshua Tree National Park. 

Ask USFWS and the Department of Interior To Give Panthers Room To Roam ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Give Panthers room to roam!  

Increase Conservation Efforts of Indochinese Tiger
Russian Government: Link up all existing Siberian Tiger Habitat and protect it. 

Thank Zambia for Banning Hunting of Lions and Leopards ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 


U.S.- Stop Imports of Lion Trophies ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

canned hunting  

Stop the Illegal Slaughter of Leopards ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

Stop Lion Trophy Hunting in South Africa*****SIGN PETITION 

TAKE ACTION NOW! Support Our Petition to List the African Lion as Endangered 

Stop Amur Tigers cripple! 

Russia: Stop WCS from killing tigers by Aldrich foot snare:
Stop WCS from killing tigers... 

Stop the Capture and Trade of Cheetahs ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

Stop Breeding Camps of Lions
TAKE ACTION NOW! Save the South African Lion 

Outlaw Pesticide that Kills African Lions 

Stephen Harper, PM of Canada and Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment: Help save the Amur Leopard! 

Save the Sumatran Tiger from Extinction 

Ban Canned Hunting in Arizona 

- 2012 -

Prevent the Destruction of Indonesia's Remaining Rainforest and Protect the Remaining Sumatran Tigers ! SIGN ! !


Help Protect African Lions From Hunters ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Prevent Disaster: Save Bengal's Wetlands to protect Tiger homes

Protect Lynx in France


Stop Lion Trophy Hunting in South Africa

Save Tigers

Cancel the Hunt for the Man-Eating Leopard in Nepal ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Save Leopard Cats in Taiwan ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !

Support Jail Time for Man Caught Smuggling Tiger Cubs in Thailand ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Relocation for Mountain Lions- Not Trap and Kill ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Born Free's Petition to Save Africa's Wild Lions ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Stop Tiger Poaching in India ! PLEASE SIGN ! !


Stop Bobcat Skin Exports 

Stop Lion Trophy Hunting in South Africa 

Prevent Disaster: Save Bengal's Wetlands 


Save the Little Spotted Cat !! 

Save India's Tiger Reserve 

Mr. Minister of the Presidency of the Region of Murcia: reintroduce the Iberian lynx in the Sierra de la Pila 

Save Endangered Florida Panthers From Motorists 

Stop Poaching Bobcats 

India's Leopards Killed By The Week ! PLEASE SIGN PETITION ! ! 

Protect Pakistani Snow Leopards By Allowing Them to Coexist With Mountain Herders ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

ACTION ALERT: India's Tigers Need Your Help 

Justice For Caracal Nina - Against Violence to innocent animals! 


Protect the Jaguars' Southwestern Habitat 


Sign! Help Edwin Wiek in His Battle Against the Illegal Animal Trade in Thailand
Out of compassion for endangered animals, Edwin Wiek founded the Wildlife
Friends Foundation Thailand 12 years ago. The aim of his organisation is to
protect animals from poachers and illegal trade. In his shelter he takes care of
apes, tigers, elephants and bears who have all been saved.

Mister Wiek did not break any laws. The Thai government should help him to
protect these animals especially because Thailand is hosting CITES, the
international conference on illegal wildlife trade.

Please support Edwin Wiek of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) in
his struggle with the Thai Authorities! They are now trying to ruin him
financially too, by starting illegal judicial nonsens procedures against him!
The petition is in English! 


Pumas in Argentinien 

Tumbo - The Disabled Cheetah Cub of Kenya - Cee4life 

Save Ocelots from Arizona Mining 

Protect Jaguars in Colombia  

Protect Lynx in New Mexico 

NO Copper Mining in Jaguar Habitat! 

Stop the Leopard Slaughter for Skins ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

Protect the Jaguar! Argentina. 

Save the Florida Panther From Extinction ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

Stop -Exporting Bobcat Skins ! PLEASE SIGN ! 

Tumbo Petition 2 - This Disabled Cheetah Cub of Kenya - Cee4life 

Stop the Leopard Slaughter for Skins 

Help Protect the New Mexico Cougar ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

Protect Lynx in New Mexico 

NO Copper Mining in Jaguar Habitat! 

Ban the Recreational Hunting of Mountain Lions in the State of Oregon 

Stop Killing Leopards for Religious Ceremony 

Stop Tiger Populations from Declining 

Save the Amur Leopards 

Help Save the Clouded Leopard 

Dear TigerTime Supporter,
Progress has been made! Having delivered our 
petition by hand to the Chinese Embassy in London; news from the recent meeting of officials at the 62nd Meeting of the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) has meant putting pressure on governments to act NOW is incredibly relevant.

Petition: Close Tiger Farms in China 

- Pause -


Animal Action Alert
King Richard's Faire
27 years of caged tigers is enough!
More than 27 years in a row. That’s how long Bhagavan "Doc" Antle has been carting tigers, lions, ligers and cubs from his South Carolina facility to the King Richard's Faire in Carver, Massachusetts. More than 27 years! 

Save Tigers in Thailand 

Stop Capturing Cheetahs for Cuban Zoo 

*  *  *

Petition gegen die Berglöwenjagd in South Dakota USA
Petition to Oppose Mountain Lion Hunt in South Dakota 

Stop the Sale of African Lion Meat 

Act Now - Wild Tigers Are Facing Extinction ! PLEASE SIGN ! 

List Mountain Lion as Endangered in Nebraska 

SA airport authorities censor Avaaz ads urging Zuma to ban the lion bone trade  

List African Lion as an Endangered Species 

Stop the massacre of Pumas in Argentina 

*  *  *

Stop the Exotic Meat event at the Taste and See restaurant in Wichita, Kansas 

Petition | India - Don't Let the Tiger Disappear. 


Forcechange - Close Tiger Farms and Stop Illegal Tiger Trade Online - Close Tiger Farms in Vietnam/Stop Illegal Tiger Trade Online 

Petitonsite: Close Tiger Farms in Vietnam/Stop Illegal Tiger Trade Online 

Taste & See Restaurant: Cancel The Lion Meat Dinner 

Tell US Chef- Lions Are NOT Food 

Wers glaubt wird seelig: Chef Pulls Lion From Exotic Meat Menu - Kansas City Animal Advocacy | Examiner.Com 

1 Million to Ban the Lion Trade*****Sign Petition To Ban Lion Trade In Africa*** 

Close Tiger Farms in Vietnam/Stop Illegal Tiger Trade Online 

Save the Amur Leopard 

Ban Trade of Lion Bones Used to Make Phony Medicine 


Stop Hunting Lynx in Europe 

*  *  *

Save Critical Tiger Reserve 

Abuse of a PUMA ! pls sign 

TAKE ACTION NOW! Ban the Tiger Trade in China! 

Ban the Tiger Trade in China! 

Protect the Clouded Leopard 

Save Critical Tiger Reserve 

Help Save the Amur Leopard 

Protect Endangered Florida Panther 

Stop Breeding White Tigers 

*  *  *

Sammlung von Großkatzenpetitionen Juli  2012

1. Save Southwestern Ocelots 

2. Protect Lynx in New Mexico 

3. Save the New Mexico Cougar 

4. Stop Breeding White Tigers
5. Protect Endangered Florida Panther 

6. Help Save the Amur Leopard 

7. Save Arizona Jaguars 

8. Close Tiger Farms in China 

9. List Indochinese Tiger as Critically Endangered 

10. List African Lion as Endangered 

11. Prohibit Private Ownership of Big Cats 

12. Demand Permit for Tiger Breeding 

13. Stop Exporting Bobcat Skins 

14. Ban Lion Trophy Imports
15. Stop Using Endangered Snow Leopard in Chinese Medicine 

16. Stop Capture and Removal of Cheetahs 

17. Tell China- Save Siberian Tiger 

18. U.S.- Close "Generic Tiger" Loophole 

19. Investigate "Lion Burger" Butcher 

20. Save the Sumatran Tiger 

21. Stop Bobcat Hunting and Trapping in New York 

22. List Mountain Lion as Endangered in Nebraska 

23. Help Save Critical Tiger Reserve 

24. Oppose Bengal Forest Minister's Illegal Proposal 

*  *  *

Real men don't drink lions
Thousands of South African lions are at risk of being slaughtered for their bones, just to make medicines believed to boost a man's sexual abilities. Trade is booming and the wild lion population is at risk. The government can stop the trade in its tracks, but they need to hear from us first! 
I've just signed this important petition at
Join me in this campaign here: 

Hunderte von südafrikanischen Löwen werden abgeschlachtet, um aus ihren Knochen unsinnige Sex-Elixiere für Männer herzustellen. Wir können diesen grausamen Handel stoppen, indem wir die Regierung an einer empfindlichen Stelle treffen: der Tourismusbranche... 


Relocate Severely Confined Lion to Wildlife Sanctuary 

Protect Tiger Habitat in Thailand ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

2 Tigerpetitionen: 

Petition: Close Tiger Farms in China 

Petition Großkatzen:

Save Arizona Jaguars Petition

*  *  *

ACTION ALERT: Stop Canned Hunting in South Africa! PLEASE SIGN ! 

List African Lion as Endangered 

List Mountain Lion as Endangered in Nebraska 

Tiger needs attention : Stop conflict between man and tiger - Naresh Kadyan 

*  *  *

HELP Diego the Lion!
Posted on May 22, 2012 at 1:02 pm | Permalink | Comments (6)
Would you like to spend nearly two years in a cramped, barren cage, pacing back and forth constantly (behavior that is characteristic of 
stress, boredom, and frustration)? Diego the lion doesn't either. 

Eine ältere Petition, die aber dringend noch Unterschriften braucht!
Stop Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa - ACTION! 

Government of Jammu kashmir: Stop illegal hunting of leopards in the Kashmiri region   

List African Lion as Endangered Species 

Protecting Russia’s Endangered Amur Leopard 


Petitionen für Leoparden und Tiger:

Stop Using Endangered Snow Leopards in Chinese Medicine 

*  *  *

Save White Lioness from Death! 

Petition 1 Protect the Lynx in Germany 

Petitition 2 Protect the Lynx in Germany 

Petitionen für die Tiger: (März 2012)

Save the Sumatran Tiger 

Save the Indian Tiger 

Save the Tigers! 

SAVE The Beautiful Amur Leopard - 4A - Action Against Animal Abuse. petition 

20.3.12 Tell China- Save the Siberian Tiger 

Protect the Sumatran Tiger from Extinction petition 

Protect the Sumatran Tiger Before they Become a Myth of Our Past 

*  *  *

Help Save Critical Tiger Reserve- (India) 

Prison for Wildlife Guard Who Killed Tiger (India) 

Stop Illegal Canal in Tiger Territory (India) 

Stop Breeding White Tigers (United States) 

Close Tiger Farms (China) 

Stop Plundering Of Tigers In The Wildlife Park in Southwest China 

Save the Sumatan Tiger petition 

Tell the new Mayor of London that I would look better in the wild Stuffed 10 day old tiger cub
The newly elected London Mayor will decide the fate of the capital’s wildlife crime policing. We want them to commit to really resourcing London’s specialist wildlife cops.
Sign this open letter, which will be presented to the winning mayoral candidate. Ensure they know just how important wildlife crime policing is to you. 

BanTigerTrade Petition to the UK Chinese Embassy 27 days to go....We need your help! 

*  *  *

Petition für einen verkrüppelten Tiger in Russland
Forgotten crippled Tiger Zhorik again pleads for help! petition 

 Ban Trophy Hunting of Lions in Africa ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 

Stop Plundering Of Tigers In The Wildlife Park in Southwest China petition 

Petition 2 gegen Tigerfarmen in China
Stop Plundering Of Tigers In The Wildlife Park In Southwest China 

Stop Rabo Bank Request to Kill 36 Lions and Tigers at Zion Wildlife Park 

Crime to Kill Healthy 36 Big Cats
Rabobank is threatening to kill 36 healthy big cats. People all over the world will help finding these cats a new home, but the bank can't 
be bothered. Easier to kill them!! Can a bank "own" wildlife?? Beats me!! Shame on them! The cats are loosing!

Euthanising some of the big cats at Zion Wildlife Gardens may be inevitable because no zoo in New Zealand has the facilities to take 
on many of the park's larger cats, "distressed" local zookeepers say.

The fate of 36 big cats at the Northland park is still to be decided in the High Court, with a hearing set to take place tomorrow. 

Receivers At Troubled Zion Wildlife Park Ask For Order To Kill 36 Big Cats. 



Help Save The Amur Leopard From Extinction! 

Stop Hunting Lynx in Europe 


- 2011 -


Close the Tiger Farms in China  

*  *  *

Wichtige Petition: Ban the Tiger Trade
22.11.2011 TigerTime - David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation <dswf -at->
China’s Tiger Trade = Tiger Extinction. Sign & forward to stop it now……….
sign our petition at 
Please forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues
I’ve just spent a few seconds signing up to a vital petition that will help save the last 3,200 wild tigers on earth. Will you help the cause by doing the same?
When I first heard that there are only 3,200 wild tigers left, I was totally shocked. To put it in perspective, it means that all the wild tigers left on earth could all fit on just one soccer pitch. Added to this, we are losing them to poachers at a rate that means they will become extinct within a very few years.
The TigerTime campaign team need your help to save them.
The Chinese trade in tiger parts is one of the most serious threats to the wild tiger. The Chinese government says that it is committed to saving the wild tiger. However, it is continuing to allow the trade in tiger parts and skins from tigers bred in so called ‘tiger farms’. We think that the practice of ‘farming tigers’ is barbaric and should be stopped. Additionally, this trade is the perfect smokescreen for the continued poaching of wild tigers.
Please, urge others to sign our petition at and pass this request on to as many people as they can by forwarding this email. China is a powerful country so we need as many signatures as possible to make them listen.
Very Kind regards
TigerTime Team   

*  *  *

White Lions raised fed and then HUNTED.
White Lions are being bred , fed and raised while held captive and then being hunted! While held captive . With no chance of getting 
away. People pay to kill, and be rewarded with trophies. What sick mind on earth would support that ? 


Four Tigers are being killed every week...sign up to help stop this slaughter 

Save Snow Leopards From Extinction 

Tell China to enforce more laws protecting Chinese tigers and to ban tiger parts trade. 

Sign to Keep Lions on the Endangered Species List!  

Didier Farms in Lincolnshire Illinois: Stop the "educational" white tiger attraction, return them to a rescue 

*  *  *

Petitionen für die Tiger

Save The Sumatran Tiger 

Protect Captive Tigers in the U.S. 

We want Strict Protection Laws globally for saving extremely Endangered Tigers 

Save Sumatran Tigers from Extinction  

ACTION ALERT: Protect Endangered Tigers By Closing Loopholes That Permit Global Hunting and Trafficking! PLEASE SIGN! 

Is China Opening the Door to the Tiger and Leopard Skin Trade?
Beijing refuses to respond to conservationists' concerns about possible re-opening of trade in tiger and leopard skins.  

China Opens Trade in 'Legal' Tiger Skins 

Save the Tiger: Abolish the poaching of tigers.  

'The Truth about Tigers' 
Tell Chinese Environment Minister to Stop trade in "legal" Tiger skin 

China may allow foreigners to hunt wild animals
China könnte Ausländern die Jagd auf Wildtiere erlauben 
Petition dazu:
China- Do NOT Lift the Ban on Overseas Hunters 


*  *  *

Indien: Gefangenen Leopard mir Benzin überschüttet und angezündet: Bitte alle diese Petition unterzeichnen : Die grausamste Tierquälerei an einem Leopard!
Die Petition 
Video - bitte Vorsicht! 

IGA: Stop wiping out tigers! 

Concord Mall in Elkhart Hosts Abusive Tiger Cub Display
Ask the mall and the government to end this kind of abuse

Concord Mall in Elkhart, Indiana is allowing a group that incessantly breeds and exhibits tiger cubs for profit to display their cubs at the mall from July 6 -10. The group, which exhibits throughout the Midwest under various names, is calling themselves Big Cat Rescue Entertainment while in Elkhart.

Big Cat Rescue Entertainment is NOT to be confused with Tampa, Florida-based Big Cat Rescue, the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. Oklahoma-based Big Cat Rescue Entertainment uses the almost identical name in order to dupe and confuse the public. In fact, Big Cat Rescue has filed a Federal intellectual property lawsuit to stop this group from using its name.

“Big Cat Rescue Entertainment is a group of unscrupulous breeders of big cats, especially tigers, who travel the country displaying tiger cubs at malls and offering the mall’s customers – for a fee of about $25 – the opportunity to pet the cubs and have a photo taken with them, “explained Carole Baskin, founder and CEO of Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue sanctuary and a nationally recognized expert on the plight of exotic cats. “These breeders often promote their “pay to play with cubs” scheme under the guise of providing consumers with education about the plight of exotic cats. But the truth is they are exhibiting the cubs only to make money.”

Without knowing the facts, seeing children pet cute tiger cubs seems adorable and innocent.  But in reality these cubs endure a miserable existence while they are on display and then are destined, in most cases, to a life sentence in deplorable conditions or are killed as part of the billion-dollar illegal trade in tiger parts.

Big Cat Rescue contacted Concord Mall General Manager Robert Thatcher last week. Thatcher said he is “satisfied with the group that brings in the cubs” and has “done his own research” to determine if there is abuse. But if Thatcher had contacted the USDA, the governmental body that oversees exotic animal displays, he would have found that this Oklahoma group is currently under investigation for the deaths of 23 tiger cubs just last year. And the group has been investigated and fined for numerous violations over the years.

“We are deeply concerned that Concord Mall and its management company, Triyar, do not care about the safety of their patrons or about the abuse these tiny, defenseless animals are forced to endure,” said Baskin. “More and more malls across the country are banning these cub displays as they learn about the abuse to the animals. And research shows that mall patrons are disgusted by these exhibits and will not continue to shop at malls that host them. It is truly a shame that Concord Mall and its management company insist upon allowing animal abuse at their mall.”

If you received this alert via email and your Take Action link isn't working you can send your letter here:


*  *  *

Stop Al-Sayed al-Essawy from murdering an innocent lion! 

White Tiger : We can stop this abuse in our generation - Naresh Kadyan
Did you know the only way to produce a white tiger is through severe inbreeding of brother to sister, father to daughter and mother to son? 

*  *  *

Vanity Fair Must Be "FAIR" to Animals 
Take Action! 
Featuring Wild Animals in Ads is Abusive

We’ve alerted you before that Vanity Fair magazine has been featuring baby leopards and lions in their fashion advertisements. Now, they’ve gone even further. 
Vanity Fair's March 2011 “Hollywood issue” cover is a wide shot of many Hollywood glamour stars - and one lonely lion cub being bottle fed. If you look closely at this cover, you’ll realize that there is absolutely no reason for this baby lion to be included in this mayhem. This is purely for shock value – an attention grabber.

You can watch the stars being interviewed about the shooting of this cover in a video at:

Anthony Mackie boasted the best part of the photo shoot was the lion cub. Rashida Jones, who posed bottle feeding the cub, claimed “she’s suffering for her art” in an uncomfortable gown. But, what about the lion cub involved. What about his suffering? 

An interview with super producer Peter Guber on page 261 shows him posing in a suit with a full grown tiger on a leash.....for no reason at all.

According to USDA regulations, you can only have contact with a lion cub between the ages of 8-12 weeks old. What are the implications of this? Since the time they can be used is so short and because advertising campaigns using big cats is becoming more popular, all of this leads to an explosion in breeding these animals to fill the demand.

Even if they appear to be well treated on the set, what happens when they leave, when they grow, when they become dangerous? USDA rules allow an owner to keep a big cat in a concrete-floored, chain link jail cell not much bigger than a parking space – for the rest of their life! Thousands of people throughout this country are licensed to own these animals, make money off these animals, yet enforcement resources for the minimal standards are very limited. The cats frequently end up languishing in substandard cages for 20+ years, just so an advertiser can get that one shot that may grab some attention.

Please let Vanity Fair know that you will not buy their magazine, you will not be a customer of the products they advertise, as long as they continue promoting animal abuse.?

If you're having trouble viewing this alert, please go to: 


Lanvin Collection Abuses Animals, Dead or Alive 

Take Action!
Fur & Using Taxidermy for Ads is Inhumane

Lanvin’s Pre-Fall 2011 photo spread is shocking, to say the least. Not only does the collection feature dead fur “fashion” ON the models, it features models posing with some of the dead furbearing animals still exploited for fur.

In Lanvin’s latest advertising campaign showcasing the fur and clothing in their collection, models are photographed with taxidermy specimens of a tiger, a mountain lion, a black leopard, a polar bear, and a wolf on leashes. These disturbing photos can be viewed at: 

Of course, we look forward to the day that fur will not be a part of the fashion industry at all. The agony and torture furbearing animals suffer on fur “farms” is indescribable. It’s important that consumers stand up to the fashion industry by refusing to buy anything using fur, as well as any store selling fur.

For Lanvin to pose models with taxidermy specimens of these dead animals is, quite literally, adding insult to injury. Wild animals are not photo props, dead or alive. Lanvin is, not only promoting the cruel slaughter of animals for their fur, they’re promoting the inhumane use of animals every way possible – all in the name of profit.

Please take a moment to let Lanvin know that you are shocked at how low they have stooped with this latest advertising campaign by signing the pre-written letter included with this alert. If you received this by email, click on TAKE ACTION! in the top right corner of this email.

You can also post your thoughts on Lanvin’s Facebook page at:!/group.php?gid=2213273681&v=wall 

You can access this alert directly at:? 

*  *  *

Save Lions and Other Rare Animals 

PETITION: Help Save the New Mexico Cougar 


In Anbetracht der WM werden in den USA "lion burgers" vom Löwen serviert.

Date: Tuesday 29 June 2010 16:10
"Carole at Big Cat Rescue" <>

Please help us take lion burgers off the menu

Übersetzung für den deutschsprachigen Raum. (Dankeschön an Elke)

Lasst Grosskatzen von der Speisekarte verschwinden

Linked Euch auf dieser Seite ein und werdet aktiv:]
Ein Restaurant in Arizona serviert Loewen-Burger, und erhaelt dafuer mengenweise Publicity.
Obwohl schon allein die Vorstellung fuer Viele ein Schock ist, ist der Hintergrund noch viel erschreckender. Die FDA, nicht die USDA, traegt die Verantwortung dafuer, Zulieferer wie die Fleischerei Czimer's Game & Sea Foods, die das Lowenfleisch an das Restaurant in Arizona verkauft hat, zu kontrollieren.
Das Predikat "FDA-getested" koennte man als Versicherung ansehen, jedoch hat dieser Fleischer 6 Monate im Gefaengnis verbracht, denn er wurde fuer seine Rolle in einem geheimen, Multibillionen-$-Untergrund-Tierhandelsyndikat verurteilt. Czimer wurde fuer schuldig befunden, die toten Koerper von 16 bundesstaatlich geschuetzen Tigern, 4 Loewen, 2 Bergloewen und einem Liger (Kreuzung zwischen Loewe und Tiger) erworben und als ungeprueftes "Loewenfleisch" verkauft zu haben. 

Diese Tiere waren nicht etwa auf Zuchtfarmen aufgewachsen, wo sie sich frei bewegen konnten, sondern wurden alle in Kaefigen oder Gehegen gefangen gehalten und dort getoetet. Auch wenn solch ein Loewen-Burger vielleicht dazu verlockt, einmal etwas Anderes auszupropieren, sollte man darueber nicht vergessen, dass man damit diesen Schwarzmarkthandel mit und das Toeten von illegalen exotischen Tieren unterstuetzt.
Aber wo ist die Verbindung zwischen Loewen-Burgern und dem Liebkosen, Halten oder dem Posieren mit einem Loewen- oder Tigerbaby fuer ein Foto? Da Loewen nun eine geschuetzte Art sind und bis auf etwa 20.000 heute noch in Afrika lebende (vor 50 Jahren waren es noch 450.000) reduziert wurden, ist es zweifelhaft, dass dieses Loewenfleisch aus Afrika kommt. Ganz im Gegenteil haben vorangegangene Untersuchungen gezeigt, dass "Loewenfleisch" hier in der USA gezuechtet und aufgezogen wird.
Habt Ihr beim Anblick von suessen Loewen- oder Tigerbabies, die man streicheln oder mit denen man sich fotografieren lassen kann, jemals darueber nachgedacht, was mit ihnen passiert, wenn sie ausgewachsen sind und fuer die Haltung zu gefaehrlich oder zu teuer werden? Aus verschiedenen Gruenden muessen wir jedes Jahr etwa 50 Grosskatzen abweisen - und die gehen dann nicht an Rettungsstationen mit gutem Ruf. Es steht zu befuerchten, dass viele, wenn nicht sogar die meisten, als exotisches Wildfleisch enden. Bei so wenigen verfuegbaren FDA-Inspektoren, ist es durchaus moeglich, dass Tigerfleisch immer noch als unkontrolliertes Loewenfleisch duchgeht. Und das ist etwas, was wir verhindern mussen!
Ihr koennt dabei helfen. Ein Verbot der Zucht von Grosskatzen im privaten Sektor wuerde es fuer die Haendler in der USA unmoeglich machen, dieses Fleisch zu erwerben und zu verkaufen. Das wurde das Ende des schrecklichen Leidens und Toetens bedeuten, von dem wir wissen, dass es taeglich im ganzen Land stattfindet.

Bitten nehmt Euch einen Moment Zeit, um den vorbereiteten Brief an die Gesetzgeber Eurer Bundestaaten zu unterschreiben und ein Verbot von Zucht, Ankauf und Verkauf von Grosskatzen in der USA zu fordern (ausgenommen AZA Zoos). Lasst uns diese Tiere ein und fuer alle Male von der Speisekarte verbannen. 

Fuer Alle, die diesen Aufruf per Email erhalten, hier der direkte Link zum Brief:

*  *  *

Hier das englische Originalschreiben:

Please help us take lion burgers off the menu


Löwenvergiftung allerorten - bitte mitprotestieren!
(quelle: tierrechtsnews)

Dear Friend,

I just got back from Africa, where I met with some of the world's top lion conservationists, and I can tell you from first-hand experience: the 
extinction threat to these mighty beasts is real.

Just 50 years ago, it is estimated that nearly a half a million lions could be found in Africa. Now lion experts say that as few as 16,000 
remain – a staggering decline of more than 95%. [1]

If we don't take dramatic action right now, Africa's lions could disappear by the beginning of the next decade.

Take action now. Help stop the import and use of a poison that's driving lions to extinction by signing our petition to the heads of state in 
Botswana, Rwanda and Kenya.

Right now, carbofuran – a product that the Environmental Protection Agency says is too toxic to be used in America – is threatening the 
majestic African lion with extinction.

klick auf 
bg robo

Petition gegen Jagdfarmen in Namibia
Neue Petition gegen Jagdfarmen in Namibia – wo man vom Baboon für 200 $ bis zum Löwen für 7500 $ alles zur Strecke bringen kann.
Hier der Link zu dieser exemplarisch für viele vorgestellten Jagdfarm in Grootfontain im Nordosten Namibias:
Bitte unterzeichnet die Petition gegen solche Machenschaften und legale Jagdsafaris - leider nicht nur im schönen Namibia 

Passend dazu: Löwenschicksale - Petition gegen Löwenjagd
Ein neuer Videoclip zeigt die grausame Realität der südafrikanischen Löwenindustrie:
Die von Hand aufgezogenen Löwen in den unzähligen Zuchtfarmen sind leichte Beute für Trophäenjäger
(petition und video) 
Der Online Protest geht weiter
Helfen Sie den Löwen und appellieren Sie gemeinsam mit VIER PFOTEN an die südafrikanische Regierung, Canned Hunting zu verbieten. 
Über 20.000 Unterschriften sind bereits gesammelt - mit Ihrer Hilfe sollen es 50.000 werden! Wenn Sie bereits unterschrieben haben, 
informieren Sie Freunde und Bekannte.

Lesen Sie hier mehr über die perverse Mordlust Canned Hunting


Dark Secret of the Tigers' farm in China
Behind rusted bars, a skeletal male tiger lies panting on the filthy concrete floor of his cage, covered in sores and untreated wounds. His once-fearsome body is so emaciated it is little more than a pitiful pile of fur and bones.

Death is surely a matter of days away and can only come as a welcome release. Wardens at the wildlife park in southwest China say, indifferently, that they do not expect him to see the start of the Year of the Tiger which began last Sunday.

'What can we do? A female park official asks a small huddle of visitors with a sigh and a casual shrug. 'He's dying, of course, but we have to keep feeding him until he does. It's against the law to kill tigers.'

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Wildly misleading: The image on an advert for the tiger 'park' at Guilin has no relation to the reality.
please sign this petition so we can take this up with the Chinese authoroties and stop this cruelty to these magnificient cats who are captured and suffer a slow death for human vanity and taste.

Tiger farming is a disgusting practice of keeping tigers locked up in horrible conditions to be used later and killed for their fur, bones, and 
body parts. The only country that does this is China. Tiger parts have been used in Chinese medicines, wines, and other things for ages, 
and tigers have always been thought to have some sort of spiritual value by them. Look this video:  

Sign here:


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- 2009 -


Save the Tigers -

Save Kenya's Wild Lions - Help Ban Deadly Neurotoxin

It's horrifying. Right now, a poison made by a U.S. company – a product that the Environmental Protection Agency says is too toxic to be used in America – is threatening the extinction of the majestic African lion.

If we don't do something soon, these great cats could vanish from one of their last remaining homes in the wild. Take action now – and help save the planet's few remaining wild African lions »

Just a handful of carbofuran – a deadly neurotoxin that is banned in the U.S. – can kill an entire pride of lions. Sadly, this awful poison is still sold in stores (and widely used) across Kenya and East Africa.

Just 50 years ago, it is estimated that nearly a half a million lions could be found in Africa. Now lion experts say that as few as 16,000 remain a staggering decline of more than 95%. In Kenya, home to world-famous wild lions, the story is especially sad.

Please take action today »

The Kenya Wildlife Service estimates that fewer than 2,000 of these majestic great cats now remain in Kenya – down from an estimated 35,000 that made their home in the country just 50 years ago. According to the agency, one hundred lions are killed each year – many by carbofuran.

If Kenya's lions continue their precipitous decline, there will not be a single wild lion left in the country in 20 years.

To address this crisis, our friends at Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund have been asked by some of Africa's leading conservationists to intervene. Defenders helped to ban carbofuran in the United States. Now, they need your help to convince Kenya's prime minister to get tough on carbofuran use in his country.

At least seventy-six lions have been confirmed killed by carbofuran, with many more deaths left unreported. And while it is a crime in Kenya to use this deadly poison to kill lions,  very few have ever been arrested for poisoning a lion with carbofuran.

Please sign the petition and urge Kenya's Prime Minister to ban carbofuran – and take concrete action to protect these endangered great cats. Then, please take a moment to share this petition with 5 friends and family who love these wild, majestic cats as much as you do.

Thank you for taking action!

Care2 Campaign Team


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International Tiger and Leopard Day
When? The last Sunday in September - 27 September 2009, 26 September 2010, 25 September 2011. 

Save Sumatran Tigers from Extinction 

Take Action: You can help us save wild tigers before it's too late
Take Action On This Issue
Tiger farming has become a serious threat to the survival of tigers in 
the wild.
The U.S. has proposed a new international effort to put an end to 
inhumane and commercialized tiger farming, which it may unveil at the 
next CITES conference.
Please support this effort by sending your personalized message of 
support to Secretary Salazar today. After filling in the form below, 
you will be taken to a page that contains the letter for you to review, 
edit and send. 


Petitionen gegen Tigerhandel (es gibt weltweit nur noch ca. 4000 Tiere!!!) und Delphinabschlachtungen von Pro Wildlife Deutschland: 


Save indian tigers  

Save The tiger - 

Petition: Jäger und Fallensteller im Ausland: Leopard left to die and rot in Gin-Trap.

...Aus dem Land, wo dieses dubiose Washingtoner Artenschutzabkommen herrührt, sich aber genau dort keiner an dem Tod artgeschützter Tiere kratzt: Stop Raising Lions to Eat in the United States
It is legal in the United States to raise lions for human consumption. Restaurants are including lion meat on their menus. The cats are raised and then killed for their meat. Please help me to urge congress to tell the U.S.D.A. to end the practices
Auf Deutsch: Es ist in den vereinigten Staaten ganz legal, Löwenfleisch für den menschlichen Konsum in Restaurants anzubieten... 



Stop CHEETAH hunting 

Save the Last MARGAY'S in the U.S. 


Save JAGUARS and Other Borderland Wildlife 


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Save Endangered Species in Malaysia from Unnecessary Logging!
Target: Dato' Sri Mohd Najib, Prime Minister of Malaysia
Sponsored by: Care2
In the region of Terengganu, Malaysia, a stretch of forest filled with endangered wildlife 
is disappearing. In preparation for a new hydroelectric project, the Terengganu state 
government is logging and then flooding the forest. But here's the twist: They are logging 
three times more land than is needed. 

Kenia - Ausgelegte Giftköder bedrohen u.a. auch Löwen. Hier eine Petition dagegen: 

Save Lions From Carbofuran Pesticide Poisoning! 

Take Action--Tell ABC and the Chinese Embassy to Say "NO!" to Eating Tigers 

TAKE ACTION: Save Sumatran Tigers From Extinction! - PETITION 

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Save the Neglected Exotic Wild Cats in Cancun
Please sign the petition: 

Protect Tigers and Humans, Stop Illegal Logging in Sumatra 

I just signed a petition asking China to end the trade in tigers and their parts and thought you might want to do the same. The two minute movie will touch your heart.
Click on this URL to take action now 

This is to tell the Chinese Ambassador to uphold the ban on the trade in tiger parts and to not allow tiger farming: Video und Petition (click on "Take Action") 

Petition gegen legale und illegale Jagd auf Tiger in China: 

For those living everywhere else in the world, there are a couple of petitions asking the 
Chinese government to uphold the ban in tiger parts and also to end tiger farming, which 
only puts more pressure on wild populations: 

Save India's Bengal Tigers that Face Imminent Extinction!
One may ignore the due date on the petition as it is still active. This is asking the 
Indian government to protect the tigers living there.   

This is a petition by TRAFFIC, one of the main NGOs working to protect tigers and other 
animals from the wildlife trade.
This one is asking for the Malaysian government to 
update their over 30-year-old wildlife laws to include stricter sentences for those 
involved in poaching and other aspects of the trade and to have a stronger monitoring 
system to catch those involved. 

I just signed a petition asking China to end the trade in tigers and their parts and 
thought you might want to do the same.
The two minute movie will touch your heart.
Click on this URL to take action now 

This is asking the Chinese government to uphold the ban on tiger farming. 

Bitte Petition unterschreiben gegen die Wilderei von Tigern in China.
Thank you for signing "Protect Wild Tigers From Poachers"

Protect Tigers and Humans, Stop Illegal Logging in Jakarta 

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Big Cat Petitions that need more signatures!!! 
Thank you for taking action and please forward it to others plz.
Thank you
Many blessings Sigrid

SAVE THE TIGERS, petition -

- 2008 -


PLZ TAKE ACTION; Send Truck Stop Tiger Tony to Big Cat Rescue


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I just signed a petition asking China to end the trade in tigers and their parts and thought you might want to do the same. The two minute movie will touch your heart.
Click on this URL to take action now: 

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Urge Maharashtra to Save the Leopards

Recently, leopard deaths have dominated the headlines as villages across the country have resorted to inhumane and deadly techniques to solve conflicts between humans and other animals.

Each year, an increasing number of leopards and other animals are killed because of human encroachment on animals' natural habitats. As alarming proportions of their homelands are lost to development, "wild" animals are forced to live in closer proximity to humans and often wander into or near villages in their search for food. What animals usually encounter are callous humans intent on trapping and killing them, forest personnel who are ill-equipped to capture and relocate them humanely, or speeding vehicles which strike them down. Read more

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Endangered Animals Do Not Belong at Truck Stops- SIBERIAN TIGER TONY CAGED - PETITION  

Don't replace Tom II with another captive bred tiger!
our urgent help is needed today! Don't replace Tom II with another captive bred tiger! 
The bengal tiger mascot of the University of Memphis (Tennessee), Tom II, has died at age 17 of cancer.
The Highland Hundred Booster Club will be making a decision regarding selecting a new mascot in the very near future.
Please take a moment to write to University officials, the Booster Club President, and several corporate Club sponsors to let them know that replacing Tom II with another tiger supports the captive exotic cat trade and is a disasterous decision.

Protect Tigers from Poaching:

Dem Tiger geht's in China (und überall sonst auch, weil die Chinesen immer noch massenhaft Tiger-Produkte zu Wahnsinnspreisen kaufen) schon schlechter wie dem Panda - vielleicht eine Chance, dass sich was ändert. Appell an China:

Save Africa's Great Cats and Rare Canids 

Stop Poaching Wildlife! 

PETITION PLEASE Save the Iberian Lynx
I, personally, would like these cats to still be around for the future generations. For this to happen, we need to spread the awareness and get more donations for the cause. 

Please sign this petition to help keep lions protected. Those horrible and vicious poachers out there are catching cheetahs for their very beautiful, patterned fur. Its horrible and it HAS TO STOP. If we dont stand up and help to save them, who will? Please help us keep the cheetahs alive for the future generations to see.

Please have a look for information & leave your comments on this petition in the
interest of natural justice.

Save Wild Tigers From Extinction +

petition overview | letter save the tigers now
The tigers are going extinct and we need to help 

End the Suffering at "Great Cats of India"
This petition is to end the suffering of the exotic cats and other animals at "Great Cats of Indiana Sanctuary and Rescue Facility". This site is nothing more than a roadside zoo. Click here for more info

Juli 2008: Don't Send Tigers Into a War Zone!! Take Action!!
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has received a request from a facility in North Carolina to send two tigers to the Baghdad Zoo in Iraq.

Auf Deutsch mit meinen Worten: Der U.S. Fisch und Wildlife Service plant, Tiger in den Zoo von Bagdad abzuschieben. Erinnern Sie sich noch? (Nein? Dann klicken Sie mal hier zur Erinnerung) Die Amerikaner waren es auch, die Löwen wie Tiger in diesem Zoo zusammenschossen. Wie praktisch, daß jetzt Plätze frei sind und überflüssige Zootiger dorthin abschieben kann - onwohl dort immer noch Krieg herrscht und die Tiere überhaupt nicht ordentlich versorgt werden können! Klicken Sie hier, um zu protestieren


Protect the Persian Leopard! Sign Petition!!
The Persian or Iranian Leopard is a secretive animal, like all leopards, and is seldom seen in the wild. Residing in hilly and forested areas. It is a solitary feline that faces a variety of threats in it's natural habitat and is struggling to survive 

IFAW Petition: Protect Wild Tigers: 

Help Protect Wild Cougars in Illinois - PETITION

The recent killing of a cougar in Chicago has brought concerns over the safety of the people living in the state, the number of cougars entering the state, and protection of these animals. There are very few reported cases of cougar sightings in Illinois and knowledge of their survivability and numbers are limited at best.

Stop Illegal Poaching of Tigers and Big Cats. - PETITION

Ältere Petition zur Erinnerung: 

Stop Oregon Cougar Extermination - PETITION

Oregon Fish and Wildlife have begun exterminating nearly half of Oregon's Cougars.
They plan to kill 2,500 of them including kittens and their mothers.

Don't Let Great Cats & Rare Canines Vanish Forever
Great cats and wild canines around the world need your help. Legislation in Congress would give much needed support to people around the world who are working to save clouded leopards, jaguars, wolves and other rare cats and canines in the wild. Tell Congress to do its part -- and join in the effort to protect these creatures world-wide.

Folgende Tigerpetition braucht noch dringend viele Unterschriften!!!
I have read the Save The TigersPetition to India's Prime minister,President, and I hereby sign the petition:

China natürlich auch massiv in Elfenbeinhandel verwickelt Es gibt wohl nichts an Schrecklichkeiten, in die China nicht führend verwickelt ist. Von den Tigern, den Haiflossen, den Bären, den Hunden, Katzen u.a. Pelztieren usw. usw. Und jetzt auch noch Elfenbein.
Bitte hier protestieren, damit sich England u.a. dagegen aussprechen und den Handel unterbinden

Protect the Clouded Leopards -

Save the Amur Leopard

Für den Fortbestand des Handelsverbots für Tiger-Produkte: Petition

Don't let tigers be farmed for their parts!/Petition gegen Tigerfarmen
Petition gegen Tigerfarmen, damit sie geschlachtet und ihre Körperteile ((medizinisch) verwertet werden können.

>Dear Friend, Fewer than 5,000 tigers are estimated to remain in the wild.

Every day, their numbers are declining further, largely due to
demand in China for their parts for use in traditional medicine.
In 1993, China established a domestic tiger parts and products
trade ban to help stem the illegal tiger trade; however, now it
wants to rescind the ban and allow sale of parts from tigers
bred on farms for their skin and parts. This would not only be
inhumane; if trade if farmed tiger parts is allowed, it will
encourage illegal wild tiger trade too.
Please join me in signing a petition to ask the government of
China to make their ban on tiger trade permanent. It will only
take a minute:

Tigers at the edge of EXTINCTION

The President,India
Sponsored by: 
In India and other countries the number of the Tigers is considerably decreasing.We have to protect them.Although many animal welfare associations are trying to protect them there is much more to done.Many people are not caring of the wildanimals and their habituats.This is how all the animals are becoming extinct.Every one is trying to have luxuries and to live in comforts only.But we have to stop that way of thinking.I dont mean that we have to suffer alot.But we have to just stop some activities which are dangerous for the environment. So please try to decrease the pollution as far as possible by you. Hier gelangen Sie zur Meldung und zur Petition

U.S. and Canada only!
Urgent: Sign a Petition to Help Save Wild Tigers Please sign by January 21!
Just a century ago an estimated 100,000 tigers roamed the wild lands across Asia. Today, fewer than 5,000 tigers remain in the wild, the result of habitat destruction and illegal killing to satisfy a global market in tiger skins, bones, and other body parts  

Schon wieder Killer-USA: Gegen die Puma-Jagd mit Hunden in Washington:
Die Wildlife-Behörde des US-Staates Washington gibt 40 weibliche Pumas zur Tötung frei. Die Großkatzen sollen mit
Hundemeuten gehetzt, in die Enge getrieben und dann erschossen werden. Alles, was den Pumas zur Last gelegt werden konnte, ist ihr natürliches Verhalten: sie hatten Truthähne u.a. so genannte “Nutztiere“ erlegt.
Zur Petition:  


Mitmachen! We endorse the Save The Tigers Petition to India's Prime minister,President.

Die Wildlife-Behörde des US-Staates Washington gibt 40 weibliche Pumas zur Tötung frei.
Die Großkatzen
sollen mit Hundemeuten gehetzt, in die Enge getrieben und dann erschossen werden. Alles, was den Pumas zur
Last gelegt werden konnte, ist ihr natürliches Verhalten: sie hatten Truthähne u.a. so genannte "Nutztiere"
erlegt. Zur Petition:

Datum: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 17:02:05 +0100
Von: Sylvia Laver 
Bitte Petition unterschreiben gegen die Jagd auf Berglöwen. Es sollen 40 Berglöwen mit Hunden gehetzt und getötet werden. 
Bitte verbreiten, es hat nur wenige Unterschriften. 

Please sign online petition ( there are only 905 signatures ) . Forward widely
As always thank you!! 


Big Cat Petitions 

Don't Sacrifice Wildlife to Secure the Border 

Urge Congress to Help Save Great Cats and Rare Canids! 

Stop Oregon Cougar Extermination 

PETITION: Protect Snow Leopards
Protect Snow Leopards - Urge Congress to Act! 

24.09.07 Help Save Missouri's Mountain Lions - 

2.9.07 Neu: Stop The Hunting of Bobcats in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is once again gearing up for the "Bobcat season" and will be issuing licenses for hunters to kill Bobcats. There
are only estimated to be 3,500 Bobcats in the entire state. 

Neu: The Horrific World of Tigers in Tiger Farms 
More than 30 organizations, representing millions of people around the world, are calling upon the Chinese government to stand firm, to maintain its 14-year tiger trade ban, to close down tiger farms and to increase investment in stopping illegal tiger 

Save The Tigers -Against Tiger Farming Petition
From being farmed in China for their parts. Tigers are cruelly farmed in China for their parts, their suffering and abuses that theyendure is terrible. Please help put a stop to tiger farming, and ensure the magnificent Tiger can be protected again. 

Neu: Save Romania's Zoo Animals from Slaughter - Target:EU
Captive animals in Romania's 35 or more zoos are destined to be killed as the country's deplorable zoos do not meet EU
standards. Most of the 35+ zoos are already closed; the animals are scheduled to die by October, if they dont starve to death
first. We don't have much time!!
Please sign petition targeting the EU: 

Zoos töten gesunde Tiger für den Fellhandel  Hierzu gleich die passende Petition: Stop Zoos from killing tigers

China züchtet!!!! nun Tiger (unter unvorstellbaren Bedingungen natürlich, trotzdem beliefert von europäischen und US-Zoos, Safariparks usw.) und will nun den Handel mit Tigern und Tigerprodukten wieder freigeben. Damit ist die Ausrottung der letzten paar hundert Tiger in Freiheit besiegelt - und das Leiden der "Zuchttiere" geht weiter. Bitte hier protestieren

Weltweite Aktion: Schutz der Grosskatzen (Tiger, Löwe, Gepard, Puma, usw. usw.) gefordert - die Zahlen sind

Petition: Save Tigers: Urge China to Maintain Ban on Trade in Tiger Parts


Die Tigerin Sita kämpft im Zoo von Orissa um ihr Leben.

Sita konnte im Nandankanan Zoo in Orissa am Leben gehalten werden. Eine der Kugeln befindet sich noch in ihrem Körper, sie leidet unter großen Schmerzen. Bitte mailt dem Direktor des Zoos die Bemühungen
zu verstärken diesen außergewöhnlichen Tiger, der sich dagegen wehrt den Wilderern zum Opfer zu fallen, zu retten. 

Sita the tigress struggles in Orissa Zoo
Sita is being kept alive at the Nandankanan Zoo in Orissa. One of these bullets is still in her body and she is covered in sores. Please e-mail the Director of the Zoo to double their efforts to save this inspirational tiger who refuses to give in to poachers! 

Sita the tigress struggles in Orissa Zoo 
Target: Director Nandankanan, Nandankanan Zoo 
Sponsor: Iain Cooke, The Tiger Telegraph Online!

Sita the tigress is being kept alive despite being shot 11 times by poachers. 

Petition - Bitte gegen den Handel mit Tigerteilen protestieren  

Petition: Save Tigers: Urge China to Maintain Ban on Trade in Tiger Parts
Datum: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 14:58:25 +0200
Save Tigers: Urge China to Maintain Ban on Trade in Tiger Parts 

Sita the tigress struggles in Orissa Zoo
Target: Director Nandankanan, Nandankanan Zoo
Sponsor: Iain Cooke, The Tiger Telegraph Online!
Sita the tigress is being kept alive despite being shot 11 times by poachers. 

London will ausgerechnet an der "Wildpolizei" sparen, d.h. am Artenschutz, illegalen Im- und Exporten sowie
Handel mit gefährdeten Tieren usw. Protest: 

Petition - "Stop Canned Killing of Animals for Sport or Amusement"

China züchtet!!!! nun Tiger (unter unvorstellbaren Bedingungen 
natürlich, trotzdem beliefert von europäischen und US-Zoos, 
Safariparks usw.) und will nun den Handel mit Tigern und 
Tigerprodukten wieder freigeben. Damit ist die Ausrottung der letzten 
paar hundert Tiger in Freiheit besiegelt - und das Leiden 
der "Zuchttiere" geht weiter. Bitte protestieren:

Wild populations of this species are decreasing at an alarming rate.
The Government of China is currently considering legalizing domestic trade in medicines from 
captive-bred Tigers. Overwhelming evidence stresses that a decision to re-open the trade would 
drive this species to extinction, wasting the significant progress China has made in tiger 
Signed Kuba's petition:

Mein Kommentar: Warum will die Chinesische Regierung eine Legalisierung de Handels mit Teilen von Tigern? Meines Erachtens wegen folgender Drecksäcke, die jetzt schon illegal Handel betreiben und damit Millionen verdienen, wie Sie folgendem englischsprachigem Video entnehmen können. Erklärung zum Video: 

Im Detail: Tiger Farmer Attacks Film Crew 
Recently, at the Global Tiger Forum in Nepal, a British News team confronted the owner of a tiger farm in China that hisfarm had served tiger meat to undercover crew members. The meat was secretly taken out of the park and underwent DNA testing which confirmed that it was, in fact, tiger. However, when the owner was approached with the information he attacked the crew members! Unfortunately for him, it was in front of a number of international delegates.

Übersetzung: Auf dem Global Tiger Forum in Neapel konfrontierte kuerzlich ein Filmteam den Besitzer einer Tigerfarm in China damit, dass auf seiner Farm Undercover-Mitgliedern der Filmcrew Tigerfleisch angeboten wurde. Das Fleisch war heimlich aus dem Park geschmuggelt worden und dann DNS-Tests unterzogen, die bestaetigten,
dass es sich tatsaechlich um Tigerfleisch handelte. Als der Besitzer mit dieser Information konfrontiert wurde
griff er die Crewmitglieder an! Ungluecklicherweise fuer ihn, geschah das vor den Augen mehrerer
internationaler Delegierter. Video: 

Mein Kommentar: Solche reichen Säcke haben das Geld und damit die Macht, Druck auf die Regierung auszuüben - denn was gibt es schöneres als Geld?!

Und so heißt es auch in folgendem Text: Want to stop this man (who is pressuring China to open the tiger trade) from causing the extinction of the tiger? Go here to find out what you can do to help!

Übersetzung: Wer diesen Mann (der Druck auf China ausuebt, damit der Tigerhandel wieder eroeffnet wird) von der
Ausrottung der Tiger abhalten will, kann hier herausfinden, was er tun kann, um dabei zu helfen! 

Please sign petitions and forward to as many people as you can~~thanks 
Übersetzung: Bitte unterzeichnen Sie diese Petition und senden diese Seite an moeglichst viele Leute - Danke


Ban Trophy Hunting in South Africa - Machen Sie mit, damit die grausame Trophäenjagd in Afrika verboten wird!

17.04.07 Neue Canned Hunting Petition. Bitte machen Sie auch hier mit! (Tiere in Käfigen zusammenschießen)

Please Stop Countless Hours of Hunting & Torture of Wildlife 

"Save The Amur Leopard From Extinction" petition 

Please sign to help the Florida panthers
Target: Charlie Crist, Governor, Great State of Florida